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2017 June Open Tournament Recap

Yesterday we hosted our June tournament, featuring both a Fun Size Table event and a Parent/Child Doubles event.  We had 12 people participating in a tournament for the first time, which is exciting!  We always enjoy helping players get their feet wet in their first competitive event.  Below are a few shots of the winners.  For additional photos, be sure to check out our Facebook album here.


U1700 1. Irvin Martin 2. John Pahl 3. Maksim Kovalev

Parent/Child Doubles 1. Jinpeng and Chris Xiao 2. Qiang and Ganning Xu 3. Shiguang and Changbo Lu

Fun Size Table 1. Bella Xu 2. Penny Fan 3. John Judge

U550 1. Yunlong Yu 2. Andy Sun 3. Weiguo Jiang

U2100 1. Jerred Miklowcic 2. Brandon Moody 3. Edward Li

U1100 1. Jason Templeton 2. Jhon Mendoza 3. Changbo Lu