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2018 Summer Wrap-up

Instructional programs were in full swing at Triangle Table Tennis during the summer of 2018.  Multiple training programs enabled players of all levels to take advantage of extra time during the summer to build their skills to the next level.  And we plan to maintain and build momentum with our fall programs!

Triangle Summer Camps
Triangle Table Tennis offered camps on most weeks of the summer, with both half-day and extended day options on different weeks.  Camps were a fantastic opportunity to introduce  kids to table tennis as a new indoor sport, and to allow young players to get enough concentrated training to experience some traction and take satisfaction in seeing their progress.  Here are the juniors getting in line to warm-up, doing some target training with the forehand, as well as physical training.

Intermediate Junior Summer Program – 9:00am -11:00am
To offer high level training to more experienced juniors at Triangle Table Tennis, a separate program ran concurrently with our Summer Camps.  The Intermediate Junior Training Group trained for 2 hours on weekday mornings, and provided a more structured training program. This more experienced group of young players concentrated on building their game to compete on the regional and national level.  Meet little Arjun, and take a look at some big shots, along with laser focus throughout the entire training session.

With the summer over we plan to offer two group lessons on Sunday to allow our summer camp kids to continue their progress (and other kids to climb on board). These two classes will be back to back for 90 minutes, and targeted at two different levels.  For the kids who are true novices, the 10:00am – 11:30am session is a perfect Novice class and will allow them to learn and play among peers who are of the same level.  The 11:30am – 1:00pm class is for players who have have participated in camps or other lessons and play regularly.  This is an Advanced Beginner class with focus on group dynamics to take the kids to the next level.  Both of these classes will be starting on Sunday, September 9th.  The cost of this program is $30.00 per class.

Coach Yu Di and his wife have just welcomed a new addition to the family, baby Andy!  Coach Yu Di is one of  Triangle’s most popular coaches and is in high demand, and as school gets back in session he will be returning from time off with Andy, and starting up a weekend group lesson to work with juniors as well.

Facilitated Group Training

One of the most active training groups is our Wednesday Facilitated Group from 6:00-7:00pm, and it serves players of all ages.  In this class, the coach aligns players with their most ideal training partner to create a solid training experience.  This group averages at least 10 players every week, and has a maximum of 20 players.  Players who have a 3, 6, or 12 month membership can use their pre-paid membership credit towards this class.  Or, once you have used your membership credits, the cost of this group training is only $25.00.

If you see players training in this group there are two things you need to do. The first thing is to worry, because they are going to increase their skills and bring up the level of competition you face in our leagues and tournaments. The second (and better) thing is to join the class, so you can improve also!

Of course, private lessons are always available with multiple coaches, and more group sessions will be rolling out this fall.  Find your program, and ratchet up your game!