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Butterfly Cary Cup Event Summary and Wrap Up

Our largest event of the year and biggest tournament to date, 2017 Butterfly Cary Cup Championship, wrapped up on Sunday April 2nd.  We saw players from 18 states and 4 different countries come out to compete for a prize pool of $18,000 over 12 events.  This year the player limit for the Giant Round Robin event was increased from 128 to 160, and Kaden Xu won first place in Division A to bring home $5,000.

Also, congratulations to Jiangshan Guo for pulling off 2 impressive upsets against players 145 and 264 points above her rating and securing the top placing women’s award!

Shoutouts to TTT employees A.J. Carney for winning the Hard Bat Open and Rob Taylor for winning the U1500 event.  Also kudos to Tony “Most Improved” Ma for a rating jump of a whopping 441 points.

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Giant Round Robin, Division A 1: Kaden Xu (right) 2: Jinxin Wang (left) 3/4: Jian Li/Bruno Ventura Dos Anjos


Giant Round Robin, Division B 1: Stephanie Sun 2: Philippe Dassonval 3/4: Abhilash Rajesh Kumar/Spencer Chen

Giant RR, Division C 1: Abbas Paryavi 2: Van Ly 3/4: Mitch Macauley/Spencer Ip

Giant RR, Division D 1: Brandon Moody 2: Justin Hensley 3/4: Jackson Beaver/Karen Gao

Giant RR, Division E 1: Phil Dadzie 2: Royce Zuniga 3/4: Yiqun Xie/Billy Lucas

Hard Bat Open 1: A.J. Carney 2: Bin Hai Chu 3: Steven Hitchner

1800 & Over 1: Jishan Liang 2: Jian Li 3: Bruno Ventura Dos Anjos

Under 1800 1: Kazuyuki Murakami 2: Shiguang Lu 3: Jim Mossberg

Thursday Open 1: Azeez Jamiu 2: Jishan Liang 3: Jian Li

Under 1900 1: John Lee 2: Steven Hitchner 3: Misael Navarra

Under 1500 1: Rob Taylor 2: Paul Slubicki 3: Ganning Xu

Under 1150 1: Yanyu Xie 2: Sabyasachi Patra 3: Tony Ma