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Super League

Event Details

League Pricing

$120 – non-members

$90 – basic membership

$80 – premium membership

League Rules & Procedures

  • $1000 Prize Pool!
  • 16 player league
  • Play is round robin format, best 4 out of 7 games per match.
  • Default time starts at 6:45pm
    • Players will be default their first match at 6:46pm
    • Players will default their subsequent matches as they come up in order
  • All players will start with their current USATT rating
    • Your league rating will carry over from season to season
    • However, club league rating will not affect USATT rating
  • Players will be divided into groups of 4
    • 3 matches per night
  • Substitutes will be allowed in this league
    • Players that are going to miss a league night are responsible for finding their own substitute
    • The substitute must have a lower USATT rating than the player in order to be an eligible substitute
    • If a player is unable to find a substitute, the player will go 0-3, 0-12
    • A player must submit the name of their substitute to the league director at least 24 hours prior to league start time
  • Prizes will be awarded according to match percentage
  • Structure
    • Week 1 is seeding night
    • Weeks 2-11 is league play
    • Week 12 is Fun Tournament Night (Brazilian Teams)
  • Full season schedule will be released after Week 1

$1000 prize pool

1st place = $500

2nd place =$250

3rd place =$150

4th place =$100

Event Dates

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Triangle Table Tennis Center

Triangle Table Tennis is centrally located near RDU, I-540, I-40, and Highway 54, in the Perimeter Park business development.  Free parking is available.