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Mastering the Pivot

Take a look at these clips, and tell me what you see in common.

If you said the “Pivot”, then you would be right. The pivot is one of the most unique shots that you can play in the table tennis, because it is part side to side movement, part rotation. It is used to extend the range of your forehand, and you will learn exactly how to master the pivot in competition.

The Pivot is Situational
One of the best qualities of the pivot is that it unorthodox, which makes it hard to read when it is coming. You will see in this clip you can see that the serve return being placed to the wide backhand preventing the ball to be played to the forehand. That made it ideal to move into the pivot early since the table was cut off. The result in 3 forehand attack that kept the ball in the opponent’s wide backhand.

Setting from the 3rd Ball Attack
One of the most straight forward ways you can use the pivot is 3rd ball attack. In this clip you will see that the time to use the pivot was when the opponent moved to the middle of the table to make a backhand push. This position leaves the wide backhand open for a clean winner.

Combination into a pivot
Another one of the unique ways to use the pivot is to create a combination into it. You will see in this clip the second attack was directed to fast and wide into the backhand that it made it possible to move into the pivot position to finish the point with a forehand loop.

Cutting off the table with the pivot
Starting the attack with the pivot into the wide backhand is a perfect way to cut off the table and prevent your opponent from playing to the backhand. You will see the 2 shot combo executed from the pivot ended with an easy smash.

Here are some highlight clips of the pivot being used in competition. I hope they give you an idea of how you want to incorporate the pivot into your attack game.