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Triangle Table Tennis maintains a full-service pro shop, carrying a wide range of table tennis products from Butterfly, Donic, Tibhar, Stiga, Xiom, DHS, Yasaka, and more.  We also have a selection of pickle ball equipment.

Why guess about the relative merits of different products on vendor web sites, or wait for product delivery, or pay shipping costs, or assemble racquet components yourself? We’re here to help!  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you navigate through our many different blade and rubber options, to put together a customized racquet that is optimized for your playing style and budget. We sometimes have demo equipment available for you to try before you buy, so be sure to ask if you’re interested in that. All rubber sheets purchased in our pro shop will be assembled free of charge.

In addition to racquet components, we stock specialized apparel, shoes, accessories, new and used tables, and table tennis balls ranging from basic training balls to the highest quality poly tournament balls. (Pro tip: We are constantly replacing the Butterfly Centrefold tables in our gym with new ones, so we can usually offer an attractive price on our used tournament-quality tables. Please contact one of our managers for a current quote if you’re interested in purchasing one.)

We are not an online retailer and we don’t ship items.  Instead, our goal is to provide a well-stocked store for visitors, discounts for Pre-Paid Members, stellar consultation and advice, and on-site service and racquet assembly.

Below are lists of equipment (rubber sheets, blades, accessories, balls) we stock, along with regular retail prices.  These lists don’t include apparel, shoes, or tables; please come in or scroll to the bottom of this page to send us a message if you have a question about those.  The lists of equipment are updated as new items become available.  If you don’t see something you’re looking for, please ask us, because we are able to order other items from our distributors.  We also run monthly specials, which are only advertised in our Center, so check out the signs in our pro shop for current discounts.  And remember, Pre-Paid Memberships of 3 months or longer entitle Members to a 5% discount, and Premium Memberships entitle Members to a 10% discount in the pro shop!

Rubber Sheets

ButterflyBryce High SpeedSmooth$66.99
ButterflyBryce Speed FXSmooth$79.99
ButterflyChallenger AttackShort Pips$39.99
ButterflyFeint Long IILong Pips$29.99
ButterflyFeint Long IIILong Pips$32.99
ButterflyFeint OXLong Pips$23.99
ButterflyFlarestorm IIShort Pips$66.99
ButterflyImpartial XSShort Pips$59.99
ButterflyOrthodoxShort Pips (Hardbat)$12.99
ButterflyRoundell SoftSmooth$56.99
ButterflySpin ArtSmooth$79.99
ButterflySriver FXSmooth$34.99
ButterflyTackifire DriveSmooth$37.99
ButterflyTackiness Chop IISmooth$47.99
ButterflyTenergy 05Smooth$79.99
ButterflyTenergy 05 FXSmooth$79.99
ButterflyTenergy 25Smooth$79.99
ButterflyTenergy 25 FXSmooth$79.99
ButterflyTenergy 64Smooth$79.99
ButterflyTenergy 64 FXSmooth$79.99
ButterflyTenergy 80Smooth$79.99
ButterflyTenergy 80 FXSmooth$79.99
DHSC-8 OXLong Pips$10.00
DHSC-8 1.0Long Pips$13.45
DHSHurricane 3 NEOSmooth$21.95
DHSHurricane 3-50 MidSmooth$29.95
DHSHurricane 8 MidSmooth$38.99
DHSSkyline TG3 NEOSmooth$19.95
DonicAcuda S1 TurboSmooth$46.95
DonicBluefire Big SlamSmooth$49.95
DonicBluefire M3Smooth$49.95
Dr. NeubauerNumber 1Long Pips$45.95
GamblerAces Pro CompetitorSmooth$14.00
GamblerBurst Thor's HammerSmooth$14.00
GamblerGXSShort Pips$14.00
GamblerMech-Tek PredatorSmooth$14.00
JuicLeggyLong Pips$30.95
NittakuFastarc C-1Smooth$54.95
NittakuHurricane Pro 3 TurboSmooth$54.95
RITC/729563Medium Pips$10.00
RITC/729755Long Pips$10.00
RITC/729755-2 MysteryMedium Pips$14.00
StigaCalibra LT SoundSmooth$49.95
TibharGrass D. TecSLong Pips$44.95
TibharEvolution EL-PSmooth$49.95
TibharEvolution FX-PSmooth$49.95
TibharEvolution MX-PSmooth$49.95
TibharEvolution MX-SSmooth$49.95
XiomVega EliteSmooth$39.95
XiomVega EuropeSmooth$39.95
XiomVega ProSmooth$41.95
YasakaMark VSmooth$37.95



ButterflyAndrzej GrubbaShakehand$56.99
ButterflyCypress T-Max SJapanese Penhold$159.99
ButterflyGaraydia T5000Shakehand$172.99
ButterflyGionis OffensiveShakehand$73.99
ButterflyHadraw SKShakehand$114.99
ButterflyInnerforce Layer ALCShakehand$172.99
ButterflyInnerforce Layer ZLCShakehand$251.99
ButterflyInnerforce Layer ZLC - CSChinese Penhold$251.99
ButterflyInnerforce Layer ZLFShakehand$251.99
ButterflyInnershield Layer ZLFShakehand$201.99
ButterflyJoo SaehyukShakehand$96.99
ButterflyKorbel SK7Shakehand$89.99
ButterflyMizutani Jun ZLCShakehand$266.99
ButterflyPetr KorbelShakehand$73.99
ButterflyPrimorac CarbonShakehand$114.99
ButterflyShamadaChinese Penhold$93.99
ButterflySK CarbonShakehand$105.99
ButterflyTimo Boll ALCShakehand$159.99
ButterflyTimo Boll W7Shakehand$99.99
ButterflyTimo Boll ZLCShakehand$266.99
ButterflyTimo Boll ZLFShakehand$226.99
ButterflyZhang Jike Super ZLCShakehand$439.99
ButterflyZhang Jike ZLCShakehand$293.99
DonicOvtcharov Carbo SpeedShakehand$74.95
Dr. NeubauerPhenomenonShakehand$74.95
GamblerDJ Fly Shakehand$26.00
GamblerFire Dragon TouchShakehand$40.00
GamblerPure 7Shakehand$26.00
GamblerOversize KevlarShakehand$32.00
GamblerWing Wood IM8 CarbonShakehand$32.00
GamblerZebra Classic Specialty OversizeShakehand$27.50
GamblerZebra Wood IM8 CarbonShakehand$32.00
JuicFractaChinese Penhold$69.95
StigaAllround ClassicShakehand$36.95
StigaEternity VPS VShakehand$89.95
StigaMaplewood NCT VChinese Penhold$112.95
StigaOffensive CR WRBChinese Penhold$54.95
TibharStratus Power WoodShakehand$54.95
TibharStratus Samsonov CarbonShakehand$95.95
TibharXeon SensitecShakehand$55.95
YasakaMa Lin Soft CarbonShakehand$72.95



ButterflyG40+ 33-Star$7.99
ButterflyG40+ 123-Star$29.99
ButterflyEasy Ball 40+6Training$5.99
ButterflyEasy Ball 40+120Training$74.99
ButterflyMaster Quality Ball G40+ 72Training$69.99
Nittaku40+ Premium (Japan)33-Star$8.95
NittakuSuperior 40+32-Star$6.95
NittakuPLS Top Ball 40+120Training$125.95
GamblerPlatinum (Orange, Poly/Celluloid Blend)363-Star$15.00
Martin-Kilpatrick40mm Balls63-Star$4.99
Martin-KilpatrickFun Balls6Training$3.50



ButterflyAJ Net Set$49.99
ButterflyChack Sheet$3.99
ButterflyClean Care$5.50
ButterflyClip Sponge$5.50
ButterflyCure Water$11.99
ButterflyEuropa Net Set$89.99
ButterflyFree Chack 37 ml$14.99
ButterflyFree Chack 90 ml$24.99
ButterflyFree Chack 500 ml$64.99
ButterflyFree Chack II 20 ml$6.99
ButterflyFree Chack II 100 ml$24.99
ButterflyKuranel 2-Ball Holder$9.99
ButterflyNational League Net Set$74.99
ButterflyNet Gauge - Black Metal$17.99
ButterflyNL - Head Bands$8.49
ButterflyNL-Wrist Bands$8.49
ButterflyPips Brush$4.99
ButterflyPower Tape$8.99
ButterflyRed/Black Side Tape$3.99
ButterflyRubber Care Sponge$4.99
ButterflyRubber Grip$1.49
ButterflyRubber Film III$4.50
ButterflySide Tape 50m X 12mm$24.99
ButterflySide Tape 50m X 9mm$24.99
ButterflySoft Grip Tape$5.99
ButterflySpin Refresh$11.99
NittakuAdhesive Rubber Protect$2.95
NittakuClean Sponge$3.50
StigaRubber Spray Cleaner$9.95
ZeropongGlue Sheet$1.80


Merchandise Questions

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