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Triangle Table Tennis Privacy Policy:

Triangle Table Tennis values your privacy and we do not sell your personal information to any third party.

We do share match results of USATT-sanctioned tournaments with USATT, as required, to allow USATT to maintain and publish updated player ratings.

We also post photos and videos of players, event action, and event winners.  Some of these posts, such as winner lists, include names.

As a convenience, we provide you the opportunity to activate or renew a USATT membership or purchase a USATT single tournament pass as part of enrolling in a Triangle Table Tennis tournament that is sanctioned by USATT. (This is only necessary if you don’t have a currently active USATT membership.  You may instead choose to separately activate or renew a USATT membership on the USATT web site prior to enrolling in a USATT-sanctioned tournament.)   If you choose to use our integrated USATT membership enrollment/renewal option or purchase a single tournament pass as a convenience, then we must provide USATT the enrollment information required to activate or renew your USATT membership or single visit pass.


Triangle Table Tennis Service Policy:

Triangle Table Tennis is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. Our center does not discriminate in any of its hiring, activities or operations on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status. Triangle Table Tennis welcomes players and spectators who abide by our rules and policies, and honor their contracts with us. We take pride in providing a fun, safe, and professional environment for both recreational and competitive players.

We do require appropriate attire, including sneakers with non-marking soles in our playing area, and USATT compliant clothing for participants in USATT-sanctioned tournaments.

We also reserve the right to refuse service if we believe that rules, policies or contracts have been or are being broken, or if we believe that a person is under the influence of an intoxicating substance, or to address behavior that is disruptive, harassing, or threatening to the enjoyment, safety, or privacy of other customers or staff.