Triangle November 2017 Open Tournament

USATT 2-Star Tournament with $800 in Total Cash and Prizes

Featuring Rating Level events plus two Doubles events!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sponsored by Triangle Table Tennis or 919-388-0272

ENTRY DEADLINE:  All entries must be received no later than Thursday, September 09, 2017 at 5:00 pm. Late entries may be accepted only at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Early Enrollment Discount: Players who enroll using online enrollment more than one month in advance will automatically receive a 10% discount on event fees.  These discounts are automatically reflected on the online registration on the website before August 16th, and will revert to the published prices on the printable entry form on August 16th.

Sponsors: Triangle Table Tennis, Butterfly/Martin-Kilpatrick Corp.

Tournament Referee: Tom Gabriel, CR/CU, Center Manager

Tournament Director: AJ Carney, CU, Assistant Center Manager

EVENT ENTRY FEES: See registration form for fees, which vary by event.

SPECIAL NOTE: Important details are visible only in the downloadable entry form. For example, to avoid time conflicts, players may not register for events that start within 2.5 hours of each other.  In addition to any Singles Rating Level event they select in the morning, players may also participate in a Doubles event in the afternoon (if their ratings are within permitted limits). In U2400 Doubles, both players must have ratings of 1400 or lower. In U3600 Doubles, both players must have ratings of 2000 or lower. All events are Round Robin format. Please review all details on the downloadable form before enrolling with online registration.


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