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Table Tennis Programs

Triangle Table Tennis is the premier table tennis center in the United States!  We have programs and events for table tennis players of all levels, from novice to expert.  We take pride in providing fun recreational play, as well as intense competitive play — so whether you call it ping pong or table tennis, you’ll find plenty of it here!

Table Tennis Tournaments

Triangle Table Tennis offers monthly USATT sanctioned table tennis tournaments to provide well-structured opportunities for competitive match play for members and visiting players. Our facility provides a professional environment for table tennis tournaments, and our location in the heart of the Research Triangle Area of NC, near RDU Airport, offers convenient travel options, hotels, and restaurants to support visiting players.

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Table Tennis Leagues

Triangle Table Tennis offers multiple leagues for players who would like to enjoy friendly competition on a weekly basis. Triangle Table Tennis’ table tennis leagues have 3-month intervals and are organized in one of the following ways:
• For individual play with a group of other players of similar skill levels or ages, or
• For doubles play, or
• For participating groups from organizations in a school or corporate league

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Table Tennis Camps

Triangle Table Tennis offers multiple summer and year-round school track-out table tennis camps for youth at both Beginner and Intermediate levels. Table tennis camps are scheduled in afternoon hours for a calendar week block. Camp curricula vary by camp level and may be adapted to meet the needs and abilities of the individuals enrolled in each camp. Additionally, on the first 4 days of the week, each camper will be exposed to demonstrations of high level play and have opportunities to play with a pro. On Fridays, campers will have the opportunity to play in a simple camp tournament with small prizes given to all participants.

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Table Tennis Group Lessons

Group lessons are an excellent way for players of all ages to learn new skills and techniques from qualified coaches, and also to hone and improve those skills through structured practice with other players at a similar level. Triangle Table Tennis offers a wide range of table tennis group lesson opportunities, to match the skill levels and schedules of our table tennis players.  If you are new to table tennis, or if you would like an introduction the features and programs of Triangle Table Tennis, we encourage you to take advantage of one of our complimentary weekly Orientation Clinics to help you determine which other programs might be a good fit for you.

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Table Tennis Private Lessons

Triangle Table Tennis has a growing team of expert coaches, some full-time and some part-time. Many of our coaches offer private lessons on a pre-arranged basis, and their hourly rates vary based on their backgrounds, experience, or certifications. Private lessons for table tennis are typically scheduled on our large, separately barriered courts, to allow multi-ball drills without impacting other players.

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Table Tennis Court Reservations

Members may choose to make a table tennis court reservation, if they would like to:
• Ensure that they can start play at a specific time without waiting, or
• Play for longer than 60 minutes without interruption, or
• Play on a specific type of court (such as a larger court, or one with a robot).
Generally, Triangle Table Tennis will set aside 2 to 6 larger, regulation size (20’ x 40’ or larger) separately barriered tables for reservations, except during large scale events, such as tournaments, or times of heavy demand for private lessons. When available, court reservations are scheduled in half-hour increments and require pre-payment.

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Table Tennis Open Play

Triangle Table Tennis will generally set aside at least six courts for open play, except during large scale events, such as tournaments. As a practical matter, there often will be more than six open play courts available, because members are always free to use courts that are not in use or reserved for programs, events, lessons, or pre-paid reservations.
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