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Group Lessons

Group Instruction Session Rates

LevelDescriptionDurationMeeting TimesCost (before applying any member discount)
Facilitated Group (Beginner)For beginner players looking for training partners90 minutesSat: 11:30-1:00$25.00
Beginner/NoviceFor players rated under 1000 looking for focused training90 minutesSun: 5:00-6:30pm
Mon: 5:30-7:00pm
Facilitated Group (Intermediate)For intermediate players looking for training partners90 minutesWed: 6:00-7:30$25
Advanced Beginner/IntermediateFor players rated 1000 to 1600 looking for focused training120 minutesMon: 6:30-8:30pm
Sat: 2:30-4:30pm

To register for a group lesson, visit  Follow this guide for detailed instructions.


To learn more about each level of Table Tennis Group Instruction, please select below:


Looking for a discount on Table Tennis Group Lessons?

Become A Member!

  • Basic pre-paid memberships of 3 months or longer qualify players for a 5% discount on group sessions.
  • Premium pre-paid memberships of 3 months or longer qualify players for a 10% discount on group sessions.

Check with Your Employer!

  • Some of our members’ employers offer a wellness or health club reimbursement that covers all or part of their membership cost.
  • Some of our members’ employers offer reimbursement for fitness classes that cover the aerobic activity of table tennis.
  • Some of our members’ employers offer a flexible spending plan that enables them to set aside pre-tax dollars for fitness fees, or for supervised after-school care, which might include group lessons or camps.

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Triangle Table Tennis has a robust set of Group Instruction offerings for players at a wide range of age and skill levels. We will be glad to help you determine which might be a good fit for your needs.

If you are new to table tennis as a sport, or unfamiliar with the programs at Triangle Table Tennis, we encourage you to ask for a guided tour and skill assessment.  This will provide an opportunity to become familiar with our outstanding facility, meet some of our coaches, learn about our wide variety of group & private coaching offerings, and find out more about open play times, tournaments, leagues, camps, special events, and specialty clinics. Each participant will have an opportunity to pick up a racquet and try out our state-of-the-art facility. Whether you are just curious, learning the basics, or a seasoned player, you’ll enjoy experiencing our center and meeting with top coaches and athletes as well as other players in the local community.

If you wish to meet with an experienced coach to assess your skills and find the right group coaching session for your individual needs, we are happy to arrange that for you! Please call or come by Triangle Table Tennis to discuss your questions or to arrange a skill assessment.


Group Instruction Format

Group Instruction sessions are organized and scheduled by skill levels. Each beginner level session is 1.5 hours long, and all other skill level sessions are 2 hours long. Coaches carefully and continually assess individuals’ progress and needs within each group, and may adapt instruction to meet individual or group needs. Within each group, coaching session participants may be organized into pairings or sub-groups based on age and skill. This allows participants to both train with others at the same level as well as experience the challenge of training with a slightly higher skilled player.

Our flexible curriculum allows players to join Group Instruction at any time of the year, and move ahead at their own pace based on skill level. Players can demonstrate their readiness to advance into higher skill level groups by attaining a qualifying USATT rating level, or in some unique instances, based upon a coach’s recommendation.

Not sure where you might fit in? Interested players can contact our Center to arrange a complimentary skills assessment with a coach to determine the most appropriate Group Instruction level for them to enter.