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Beginner Facilitated Group Lesson Description

To register for a group lesson, visit  Follow this guide for detailed instructions.

Facilitated Group Lesson

The Facilitated Group Lesson is intended to introduce our new members and other players to training methods that they can employ on their own time with a partner.  During this class, the players will be paired up with other players of matching skill level, and the coach will roam from table to table setting up drills and providing constructive feedback concerning both individual technique and drilling proficiency.

Beginner & Novice Level

Coaches will work to improve the overall confidence of players on the court, so that they learn to focus and coordinate themselves and are able to perform their best.  Our instructors use many methods to help our members break down the complex movements required in their hands, feet, and body. Additionally, our techniques promote enlightened thinking to improve anticipation and reaction times. Learning will center on engaging and focusing all of the mind and body, as well as developing overall agility and basic table tennis skills, all of which promote solid foundations in the sport.

As a player moves from the Beginner to the Novice level, he or she will be introduced to game and competitive play rules and etiquette. Players will continue to develop their fundamental skills and develop more strategic and tactical skills in the Novice level. They will be challenged to use their mind and body more effectively, allowing them time to think and react so they can begin to consciously plan outcomes as one might in a game of chess.

Beginner Skills Include:

Novice Skills Include:

To register for a group lesson, visit  Follow this guide for detailed instructions.