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Intermediate-Advanced Group Lesson Description

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Intermediate-Advanced Level

This curriculum focuses on consistently performing skills learned in previous curriculums, as well as on developing new skills. Players will benefit from many drills and multi-ball training sessions with intermediate-advanced level sparring partners. Emphasis for this level includes intermediate-advanced level techniques, greater consistency, greater accuracy, ability to analyze an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, strategy, and superior game knowledge.

The overall focus for players in this level is advancing their skill development and building consistency, allowing them to set their standards to higher performance, and supporting their aspirations to ultimately become an Advanced Athlete.

Coaches will mentor the development of each player’s confidence, promoting excellence with sportsmanlike demeanor and positive attitude. This level of Group Instruction also focuses on the individual’s ability to adapt to intense situations, challenges and physical/mental demands on and off the court. This enables the player to perform and achieve superior results, and brings out his or her best in tournament match play – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Intermediate-Advanced skills include but are not limited to:

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