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Intermediate Group Lesson Description


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Intermediate Level

While continuing to reinforce competence in basic skills, instructors will introduce new techniques, building higher levels of competency regarding shot placement, stroke technique, complexity of serve and serve return, strategic play analysis, and confidence and sportsmanship both on and off the court. Players will work on their ability to perform in a match play scenario.

This group session will target fitness, endurance, mental focus, footwork, coordination skills, efficient and effective body movement, and repetitive shot precision placement. Drills will become a major part of this training, and may include robot training. Additionally, instructors will emphasize understanding when to attack the ball; identifying weaknesses in the opponent; and executing 3rd ball and 5th ball attacks. Finally, players will be introduced to playing against opponents that use different types of rubber, including short pips, medium pips, long pips, anti-spin rubber, etc. Players will practice and gain competence in countering alternative types of rubber they may typically encounter in matches.

Intermediate skills include introduction and initial development of:

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