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Open Play

Open Play Policies and Logistics

Triangle Table Tennis will generally set aside at least six courts for open play, except during large scale events, such as tournaments. As a practical matter, there will often be more than six open play courts available, because members are always free to use courts that are not in use or reserved for programs, events, lessons, or pre-paid reservations. Given its size and number of tables, Triangle Table Tennis will sometimes have little to no wait time for open play courts.

Players without partners are encouraged to ask others to play.  New players should feel free to ask our front desk team for advice on who might be available to play, or to just introduce themselves and ask experienced players to hit with them.  Whenever their schedules permit, members are encouraged to help new players meet people and improve their games by agreeing to hit for 10-15 minutes when asked by new players.

Triangle Table Tennis has a “first in, first up” allocation of available open play courts, to best enable fair sharing of those courts. When demand for open play tables makes it necessary, we will have clipboards under each open play table.  Players making use of open play tables are asked to sign in on clipboards underneath each table, noting the time that they start play. If other members are waiting for open play courts, we ask that players relinquish their open play court to a waiting player after 60 minutes. If all open play courts are in use, waiting players may check the sign-in clipboards under the open play tables and “bump” players who have been playing longer than 60 minutes (or who failed to sign in and note their start time). Players who are “bumped” from an open play court after 60 minutes may finish an “in flight” game (but not a complete match) if they can do so within 5 minutes, and then they must relinquish that table. After taking a break of at least 30 minutes, they then may “bump” other players who have been playing over 60 minutes, as outlined above.

All lessons at Triangle Table Tennis must be arranged through the front desk, for payment to Triangle Table Tennis.  At no time may coaches who are not employees or independent contractors of Triangle Table Tennis offer lessons in our facility. Triangle Table Tennis reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who violates this policy.

Court Reservations

Members may choose to pay for a Court Reservation, if they would like to:

  • Ensure that they can start play at a specific time without waiting, or
  • Play for longer than 60 minutes without interruption during busy periods, or
  • Play on a specific type of court (such as a larger court, or one with a robot), or
  • Reserve a block of contiguous tables for a group of players.