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Competitive Player Video Analysis

What separates you from other players in table tennis? Do you want to gain a competitive advantage? Tons of players in this sport train/practice. They do thousands upon thousands of reps practicing their forehand, backhand, pushing, blocking, counter looping, footwork, short game, serves, serve return, and more. How many of them do video analysis? As well trained as they are, what if you could be a smarter player than them?

Video Analysis for Table Tennis exists but is rarely used by players. If you take a look at major sports such as: Baseball, Basketball, and Football, they all use video analysis religiously. Why do they do this? The advantage they gain from using video analysis gives them a major competitive edge against their opponent(s) especially with the technology that we have access to. Their understanding of their opponent’s strategies and tendencies is at its highest after video analysis. Now it is up to the player(s) in creating their plan of action and executing that plan in order to be successful.

There are several different benefits for using video analysis which are:

  1. Study your opponents
    1. The fact that we have YouTube at our fingertips is huge! I will say that YouTube is more useful for players with a rating over 2000 in finding video but for all of you that are under the 2000 level, you should record your own matches
    2. Most tournaments use OmniPong , Sportfist, or some sort of public display of players enrolling in their tournaments/events which is a great way to scout your opponents
    3. I myself, AJ Carney, have been using YouTube for many years to quickly learn my opponent’s tendencies before playing them. I consider this tactic as one of my major advantages in this sport as many and most players do not do this. I have not been formally trained, as I am self-taught, I don’t ever practice, so how am I able to keep up at the 2400+ level? Well the answer is Video Analysis.
  2. Study your own game
    1. By watching video tape of yourself you can learn an endless amount of important information
    2. When you are playing in a match in real time, your brain is unable to process a tremendous amount of information because you are so focused on winning and making shots
    3. With video analysis, you have the important ability to be able to pause, slow down and rewind the video as much as necessary
    4. This allows you to take a closer look at all of the missed opportunities and things that you did wrong at your own pace giving your brain time to analyze and process
  3. Create drills based on mistakes made in Match Play
    1. Many players run into obstacles during their training and one of the biggest problems people have is lack of direction
    2. Players do many types of drills whether it is when they train with other players or with a coach, but are they doing the correct drills in order to improve their mistakes that they make in match play?
      1. By watching video in slow time, you can compile all of your common mistakes that you make in match play and create specific drills to help improve these areas that need addressed
    3. Players who aspire to improve at a steady pace and wish not to flat line or become stuck at a level must create drills that specifically address their in-game mistakes

This program is much different than receiving instruction from a coach during a private lesson or even coaching during your competitive match play. Almost all private lessons revolve around technique in one fashion or another. If you have a coach that can coach you while you play competitive matches, then you have a serious advantage. There are two main sides that make up gameplay which are: mental and physical. To win, there is a lot of strategy that takes place. As a coach, we are the mental side of your gameplay and you the student are the physical side which carries out the plan and executes the shots.  When I am coaching my students in tournaments, I am more focused on their opponents than I am of them. During match play, it is not about how clean your technique is or if you had proper footwork throughout the match, it is solely about winning. With the videos that you send in, we will be focusing more on you than your opponents which will allow us to break down your match play and talk about how to improve in those specific areas that need fixed. You will be provided with so much detailed information that it will take you several months to fix all the problem areas in your gameplay. Video Analysis is not an immediate/quick fix, but is extremely helpful in the long run if done properly. This will drastically improve your game!