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Skype Training Program Starting Early 2018

The Skype Training Program has been created to develop an Online Table Tennis Training Outreach program. We understand that everyone that plays table tennis doesn’t have access to top level coaching, and this program has been created to allow you to take advantage of learning how to improve on a steep incline. This structured program creates no wasted time with regards to your improvement.

The Skype Table Tennis Training Sessions breaks down your training into a couple of categories to create a perfect approach to your training.

Skype Recorded Training Session
This one hour training session is the foundational phase of your training structure. This is the session that will make you  aware of your “Stroke Mechanics”. Every shot in table tennis is broken down into the stroke, body movement, and the timing. Getting feedback on which aspects of your mechanics are responsible for the unforced errors will give you a higher level of awareness of how to create the proper training focus. The highlights from your training session will be edited so you can analyze it. Below is an example of what perfect timing looks like during a training session, and the goal will be to master this type of timing with your shots.

Here is a sample video of the components of a Deep Serve, and seeing it in this way will make it easy to streamline your serve training.

Tournament Match Video Analyzation
One of the most overlooked pieces of information is what happens in tournament play. It is obvious that you are watching yourself compete, but do you know what to observe? Your tournament performance is broken down into 3 different feedback metrics. The first metric is “Performance Analytics”, and that is in reference to shots taken, shots made, and missed that ended the point. This is the information you need to help identify exactly what type of style you’re playing, and if that style is native to your natural skill sets. Here is an example of a perfectly executed sequence of attack.

The second metric is “Technical Analytics”, and that shows exactly what technical error was made that resulted in the unforced error. This is important because it sets the tone for what you need to do to play the shot better without focusing on the result. Being able to see this kind of information in video form that is animated will improve your awareness. Here is an example of what an incorrect starting position of the backhand loop looks like that resulted in an error, as well as an incorrect body position after the serve return.

The last metric is “Tactical Analytics”, and that refers your skillset analytics. The video will display how to hyper focus on exactly which skillset is responsible for bad shot execution. Understanding when to apply power, tempo change, or ball placement will help improve your ability to control the sequence of play. Here is a sample video that shows component-based skillset execution.

Concentrated Training Drills
After gathering the performance, technical, and tactical data a set of training drills are created. These training drills will have 2 aspects to focus on. The first aspect is “Stroke Mechanics”, which focuses on improving your technical execution of each shot that you are using in game play. The second aspect is focusing on improving the tactical approach of each shot that is played in competition.

Between these two training focal points, all of the drills you do will pertain directly to your improvement. These drills improve the shots that you are already executing, as well as improving the tactical approach to the shot as well.

Communication (Email & Skype)
Being able to touch base on the implemented training program is one of the most important aspects of your program. The goal of this communication is to be able to assess if the style of play and approach to executing your shots is native to your skillset and ability. Staying on track is the easiest way to ensure that there is an “Improvement Arc” that starts to trend. You can email up 6 times throughout the month about your progress, questions, or concerns. At the end of the month there is a Skype session to discuss all the accumulated training notes.

If you are serious about your improvement and interested in a concentrated training program that will put you on a steep arc to improve, then sign up for the Skype Training Program at Triangle Table Tennis.