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Skype Training

Skype Training is the newest program to be offered at Triangle Table Tennis. This program is geared towards players that are interested in improving their game with the help of an online training program.  Many players run into obstacles during their training, and one of the biggest is a lack of direction.  This particular issue, which plagues many, can easily cause frustration and stagnation as an improving player.  However, lots of players simply don’t have a highly-qualified coach available to them.

Head Coach Brian Pace has developed the Skype Program to address these very needs.  This new training option can help provide players the edge and guidance they need, no matter where they are, using match analysis, concentrated training drills, and more.

This program is great for players that don’t have:

Skype Training is also perfect for players that do have:

To see a complete breakdown of the “Skype Program”, you can click here.

To register for Skype Training, see below:

Skype Training Registration

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