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Triangle Junior Elite Training Program

Triangle Table Tennis is proud to announce the creation of the Triangle Junior Elite Training Program. This program has been created to produce nationally-ranked junior table tennis players.  Utilizing structured, Olympic-style training, the goal is to develop players that will contend for National Championships, the US National Team, and the Olympics.  The training techniques, concepts, and theories will be advanced in nature.  Each player will have a specific training program based on their natural talent, strengths, weaknesses, and overall goals.

This program will be developed and run by Head Coach Brian Pace, who brings over 25 years of experience as an international level player.  Brian produced 3 National Champions in his first 3 full-time students.  As Head Coach at Triangle Table Tennis, he can implement the type of program that trained under. Senior/Elite Coach Rachid El Boubou will also be assisting with this program.  Rachid brings a wealth of table tennis knowledge from both playing and coaching; he won the Lebanese National Championship 11 times (and is currently the reigning champion) and coached the Lebanese Youth National Team throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Training Structure
Each player will have a program that is tailored to help him or her become an elite player.  This includes, but is not limited to: technical analytics, tactical analytics, performance analytics, competition data, and use of video and computer-assisted analysis.  Regardless of their particular skill levels, all of these juniors will train alongside each other using the most advanced training techniques.

Junior Group Dynamics
Triangle Table Tennis is laying the foundation for an expanded training program that goes beyond private lessons. The model of using only private lessons for improvement is limited because the player is only training with a coach. The tried and tested method of training that has produced the best results is putting juniors together in a group setting, as it is done in China. This group dynamic inspires juniors to train harder, focus longer, and set higher goals as they train alongside each other. In the group dynamic, the juniors will push each other to higher levels, effectively raising the levels of their own play as well as the entire group.

The monthly fee of $350.00 allows participants to attend 90 minute training sessions Monday – Friday, with an anticipated start date of September 4, 2018.  This program is similar to the model of gymnastics, karate, etc., with students having multiple established training options throughout the week.  The exact timing is still TBD, but if you have questions about the time of the training, please contact Head Coach Brian Pace at  To register, please stop by the front desk or call 919-388-0272.

Special Pricing Opportunity
Families that pay for the first month of the program before July 14th will get a discounted rate of $300.00.  Additionally, they will have access to this lower rate for the first three months of the program!